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photo: Hannah Clark

D O L P H I N   M I D W I V E S 

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About Dolphin Midwives :

Sage Elaine Fisher is an American composer, performer and sound artist.  She is best known for her performance project, Dolphin Midwives, which abstracts harp, voice and percussion using electronics, extended techniques and ritual processes. She explores themes of empathy, sustainability, vulnerability and transformation through social experiment, meditation, psychoacoustics and magic.


Dolphin Midwives’ debut record, Orchid Milk, was self-released on limited edition tape in May 2016, and re-released by Obsolete Media Objects later that year. Her installation, Naturaphones, was shown in 2017 at The Bison Building, as a culmination of a six month residency for PNCA+OCAC, and featured four large-scale acoustic sculptures, ambient performance, and several sculptural prototypes. She founded and directed Dröna Choir to perform her new choral work, invisibility ritual; performed on the new moon in total darkness, to explore the vast space between silence and sound. Her sound art performance/installation, Break: preparations for the apocalypse, was shown at Variform Gallery in Dec 2018. Liminal Garden, Dolphin Midwives’ debut studio album, was released internationally on Jan 18, 2019 by Beacon Sound/Sounds et al to critical acclaim, earning the artist mentions in The New York Times, SPIN, and The Guardian, among other publications.  In June 2019 she joined the ranks of Portland's “Best New Bands” according to the Willamette Week.  She recorded ‘Body of Water’ in May 2020 with Tucker Martine at Flora Recording and Playback in Portland, OR.



Praise for Dolphin Midwives:


The Guardian :

"Liminal Garden, the debut album proper by Portland composer Sage Fisher, tingles the upper registers of human hearing: she plays the highest notes of her harp, processing and fracturing the results in search of an effect that she likens to how it feels to experience trauma. Dolphin Midwives are unabashedly new age – right down to the purposefully “gross” name, which references the apparently real practice of giving birth surrounded by dolphins. One for fans of Holly Herndon and Mary Lattimore. "


The New York Times : 

"Sage Fisher, who records as Dolphin Midwives, uses loops of harp and electronic sounds, and sometimes (though not on this track) her voice, to construct tracks that evolve from ambient Minimalism to something considerably more volatile.”



"Recursive, minimal harp melodies give structure to Fisher’s new album, Liminal Garden, but don’t define it; in intricate production, layers of electronic distortion mount a near-constant attack on the music’s more acoustic components. The result is starkly beautiful, with cracked electroacoustic reconfigurations of the harp at the center of it all.”

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